In 1985, two novice moviemakers, director David Anspaugh and writer/producer Angelo Pizzo, began filming Hoosiers. They and their cast and crew faced the pressures of a short schedule, a small budget, and other challenges. Yet buoyed by the support of countless Indiana residents, they overcame their own self-doubt and the skepticism of outsiders to create a classic. This website showcases rare images from and not-widely-known facts about this much-loved movie.


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Hoosiers achieves some wonderful visual and even aural contrasts. Acres of empty, quiet farmland stand in opposition to the vociferous crowds in the packed-to-the-rafters gymnasiums. The almost monochromatic winter landscape contrasts with the bright, colorful basketball and cheerleader uniforms. The freezing outdoor temperatures contrast with the games’ sweat-drenched players.

Director David Anspaugh grew up in small-town Indiana and played high school basketball. Cinematographer Fred Murphy was a native New Yorker who had never worked in the Midwest and who described himself as relatively unknowledgeable about basketball. The two men combined their differing experiences, viewpoints, and visions to create Hoosiers’ authentic and unforgettable palette.

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The brand-new, updated, and expanded The Making of Hoosiers, Second Edition, is here! New to this edition are photos and images, as well as additional stories, quotations, details, and info on the production of this classic motion picture. The most complete account of the creation of the movie, it’s a must-have for anyone who loves Hoosiers. Paperback; 312 pages; $16; published August 2016. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. Excellent site – one of my favorite movies of all time. Thank you for building this site for fans and friends.

  2. Went to New Richmond today. Everything is there except Coach Norman Dale. Great site, great book, too!

  3. Gayle,
    Just found the site. I am #5 on the Linton team. I did not know a team photo existed. Great site!

  4. I just purchased the book and have found a lot of information on the movie. I grew up in Knightstown and my grandmother lived on the alley next to the Hoosier Gym. I spent many years playing ball in the gym. I plan on a road trip to see some of the other filming locations. Love the movie and will finish the book soon.

  5. Absolutely love this site and just purchased the book! Can’t get enough of this movie and really enjoyed going down memory lane. Loved the movie as a young girl! Thanks for collecting the facts and sharing with all of us fanatics!

  6. I’ve loved this film for years….stumbled on this site by chance…great pics and info about the locations would love to come over to the states and visit them ……great site….will buy the book as well….

  7. I found your website by accident the other day and I just love it. We’ve visited the gym several times, went to New Richmond twice and try to collect as much info and memorabilia as possible. We have many relatives up near Kokomo and we always come to Knightstown before going up there. We are thrilled with all the information on your site. Thank you so much.

  8. Awesome job with the site,Gayle–you are a true “HOOSIERS” expert!(Buddy-#14)

  9. You have done a fantastic job of collecting information and memorabilia. Kudos to you for all of your hard work! This is a great resource for fans of the movie.

  10. Gayle,
    I enjoyed talking with you in Milan. I wish you much success on the new book.
    My Best,
    Steve Hollar aka Rade Butcher

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