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The Indiana Pacers honor Hoosiers’ 30th anniversary at halftime of the game on November 18, 2016. Shows Anspaugh, Pizzo, and the Huskers.

Pattern magazine interviews director David Anspaugh and writer/producer Angelo Pizzo, September 24, 2016

Husker David Neidorf (Everett) presents the Hoosier Gym with the original Huskers team photo, September 17, 2016

Hoosiers director Anspaugh returns to the Hoosier Gym for the first time in 27 years

Anspaugh is interviewed at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

Anspaugh is interviewed by Farrell Roth and Lon Harris on “This Week in Movies” (interview starts at 43:27)

Sports Illustrated catches up with Pizzo

Patty Spitler interviews Pizzo for her show Boomer TV

Brief video from the Hoosiers world premiere in 1986 at Circle Theatre in Indianapolis

Hoosiers Revisited” by Michael Watson

AdamTheWoo visits the Hoosiers filming locations

Sports journalist Bill Simmons visits the Hoosier Gym

Radio interviews and podcasts

Kent Sterling speaks with the Huskers for the movie’s 30th anniversary

Kristi Lee interviews David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo October 11, 2016

David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo, interviewed by Andy Hunsucker and Jason Thompson on “A Place for Film: The IU Cinema Podcast,” episode 28, 4/16/2011

Interviews with Chelcie Ross, Brad Long, Laura Robling Lee, Steve Hollar, and Bobby Plump, by Dave Schmidt for Stateline SportsHub


Eric Harper of MavenStar Consulting interviews Angelo Pizzo


David Anspaugh discusses his pre-Hoosiers work in television

Bloom magazine article about David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo

“The real story behind the movie Hoosiers, told by the leading scorer” on the blog


The Making of Hoosiers, Second Edition by Gayle L. Johnson

Historic Hoosier Gyms by Kyle Neddenriep

The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told: The Milan Miracle by Greg Guffey

Hoosiers: The Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana by Phillip M. Hoose

Hoosiers All: Indiana High School Basketball Teams, Second Edition by Emerson Houck